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“I've got the Azathoth tarot - it is even better than I expected. I did anticipate that the artwork will be beautiful - but most of the time in artworks with lots of details it is hard for me to distinguish A from B. This doesn't happen in this deck. Each card gives a clear picture, on top of it the figures do not seem static and the whole deck seems to come alive in a reading (very easy to read with this deck too).”


“Very cool!  Your style reminds me a bit of Gahan Wilson, and a bit of the Call of Cthulhu rulebook.”
– Wooden Nickel

“Oh, Wow. Had to have it.”
– Dusk Till Dawn

“I know...”
- toj

“I'm not one for mono-chrome decks... But let me tell you, the symbolism and detail are MORE than sufficient! In fact, colours may DETRACT from this deck!”
- Eeviee

“This is an amazing deck.”
- VGimlet

“My decks came today. I love the big cards. I love that it's a readable deck right out of the box even without having a Lovecraftian background. (Cause I don't. I have no idea who/what most of the beings depicted in the cards are.)… Overall a great job!”
- rwcart

“… I just received my Azathoth deck as well - the shipping was super-fast - and after an initial inspection I concur with a_gnostic and others that this is a beautiful and weird (in the old-school sense) deck. I love the obsessive, gorgeously detailed art, and the decision to make it look like a RW deck from some alternate reality filled with Dagon-worshippers is inspired. Nice card stock, good size, durable and cool-looking hard box…this is a terrific deck (in both senses of 'terrific').”
- Enoch Soames

 “Mine arrived today and from this lover of dark and even darker decks - lover of madness and insanity (at least in some of my decks i do) this one gets a 2 thumbs up kinda support."
- la-luna

 “One thing I LOVE about this deck is the figures. You HAVE to think outside the box…WAY outside”
- gregory 

“So that means you like it?”
- toj

“OH yes. I even LOVE it.   It is so delightfully - creepy !”
- gregory

“Does anyone else think the Book of Azathoth Tarot is mildly creepy?”
- a_gnostic

“ME !!! more than mildly...”
- desrtrat

“Got it today for what must be the fastest shipping ever on any deck I have ever ordered.   First it!  It is creepy but in a way that is accessible probably due to keeping the RWS symbolism.  I love the card stock - If I ever had a choice for any deck, that would be mine.  The colors work nicely with the theme.”
- toj

“So much for "ain't nuthin' much new in RWS-derived decks", huh.”
- a_gnostic

“… a magnificent deck, and the different schools of Tarot are really well incorporated. … one of the best and most original decks I've seen… I heartily recommend it to any and everyone.
- closrapexa

“… the Book of Azathoth Tarot....awesome deck......”
- Tarot dance

“This deck just made me fail my Sanity roll.  And that's a good thing!”
- Kiama

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“Beautiful and amazing.”
- goldenweb

“Quite an intriguing deck!”
- Crystalgate  

“Beautiful and impressive deck !”
- Bertrand

“I just received my deck today …Nemo, it’s beautiful…thank you...”
- Tarot Dance

 “Just got home to find mine waiting for me. (That was quick!)
First impressions are great. The art is really intriguing and very well executed (although I knew that from the illustrations on the web site). The cards are large enough to really be able to see all of the intricate detail in the drawings. All in all, a lovely production (and it comes in a nice sturdy box to boot).”

- papoon

“Quick indeed - I'm in the UK.   These are great.   I just LOVE Queen of Cups - always one of the first cards I look at !   Justice too.   Oh heck - all of them !   And beautifully produced.” 
- gregory

 “Unique to say the least...these are absolutely gorgeous!  These must have taken you years to create...there is so much detail!  Well done, they are beautiful.”
- Saleire

 “I've got my deck too -thank you Nemo - it is beautiful!  On top of it the cards don't seem static (as in many other decks with beautiful artwork do) - your characters are full of movement and the cards come to life in a reading.”
- rylla

“Mine arrived today - wow what a deck, it's that moment here when it's getting darker yet not dark enough to put the light on and these decks come really to life now - with a magickal radiation of forbidden knowledge, secrets that should stay hidden and so much more…”
- Mr. la-luna

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“Amazing stuff!  Can we use the images as part of the Art Show at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival? … This would be a very apropos product to solicit to our guests.  Great work”
- Aaron Vanek

"The Book of Azathoth Tarot isn't the world's first H.P. Lovecraft inspired tarot -- but it may be the best!
- The Tarot Garden

Image from The Book of Azathoth (Azathoth Tarot)
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